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  1. It’s a huge help when you’re booking shows. The instant you say ‘Ant-Zen’ or ‘Ad Noiseam’ or ‘Metropolis’, promoters are much more interested in working with you.

  2. obvious next suggestions is … “‘Ad Noiseam’ or ‘Metropolis'”

    though, not having heard the completed album I’m sure there are labels that make more sense based on it’s overall sound.

  3. I’m planning to send a copy to Ad Noiseam, but there hasn’t been much in the way of industrial/noise out of that label recently, and it’s not nearly Metropolis-y enough for Metropolis.

    Hands is the only other label I can think of that would be an ok fit.

  4. I’ve been considering it. I do have a label already, so that makes it easier. I just don’t want to do it myself, you know? I like promoting, but I hate self-promoting. I don’t want to be plugging my own album.

  5. Based on your reason for signing to a label I take it you only want labels with the kind of name recognition that gets gigs in Europe. Otherwise I’d suggest trying a more independent label that might work a little harder to push you.

  6. I’m looking for labels with name recognition, and that also generally have music closest to my own. I don’t think I’d fit on Hymen, as an example, and I don’t think I’d work that well on Hive. Hands has everything between Empusae and Winterkalte, so I think I’d do well there. Ad Noiseam has Tarmvred, Antigen and Dalek, etc., etc…

    With that said, I’d appreciate any smaller/indie label suggestions you have.

  7. Not that I know of, but they have had some famous acts before…and you never know…it’s like the fact Stephen R. Donaldson shopped his Thomas Covenant books to *all* of the publishers, and then started again, and it sold to the very same publisher he had *first* sent it to in the first round…


  8. sorry to hear about it. probably it won’t hurt sending a copy to Hive or Hands to try. Hymen is the same people behind ant-zen, so depending on the ‘why’ it will be no use trying them. as for adnoiseam, they only are into breaks and idm related, so i don’t think that would fit.

    while i’m typing …… maybe n5md ?

  9. The nM5D site says “n5MD is no longer accepting unsolicited material”, sadly. I think I might just make some high-production demos and send them to hive/hands/everyone, and see what comes back. If something comes back that looks good, then wicked, and if nothing does, I’ll just press it myself or shelf it.

  10. that blows on many levels, but i do think you should push it to the other labels mentioned. heck, like what kallisti said about Stephen R. Donaldson. he didn’t get the book published until he did a second round of shopping for publishers.

    whatever it is that has caused things to go this way, don’t give-up.

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