Shelter overcrowding reaches crisis level

From the Ottawa Humane Society:

Following the rescue of 40 animals from our sister shelter and after admitting a near record number of strays, the OHS is facing an extreme housing crunch.

On July 16, two of our EAPS agents travelled to Cornwall to pick up 35 cats and five dogs who were left homeless after a fire damaged the shelter in that city. The animals were transported back to Ottawa, where our staff rallied to make room for the new arrivals. All received health checks and some loving care before making their way to the adoption ward.

In addition to the Cornwall crowd, close to 300 other animals have been admitted to our shelter in the past week, with more than 200 of those being stray or surrendered cats. Summer is typically a busy time of year, with the combination of kitten season and warmer weather adding to the influx, but staff have been working extra hard to deal with this year’s volume.

In an effort to boost cat adoptions, the OHS is allowing people who adopt one adult cat from its Champagne Avenue shelter to adopt a second cat at no extra cost.

Read more about our adoption crisis.

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