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  1. Hot, except for the GHETTO KEYBOARD.

    So my monitor died a couple months ago … I borrowed money from my parents and got myself a (drumroll) 2407. Oh lord is it ever hot.

    But now I kind of really really need a job to pay for it. And you know … not live at my parents’.

  2. so while everyone else fawns over the tech stuff, I’m going to fawn over… my favorite Ikea desk! I had a black one exactly like that in NYC. It was a bitch to fit in most NYC-size apartments, and a bitch to assemble/disassemble by myself cause the parts are so heavy, but I loved it dearly… That thing is like the mothership!

  3. Yup. I think frankenbox #1 is going to be used by Mike for music, and frankenbox #2 might become an email station in the house somewhere. Not sure, though.

  4. thats pretty sexy……. pretty hot and sexy… pretty…. really sexy….


    especially the Dyns….

    quite sexy…

  5. I’m running off the Workstation; the Server and the Unix boxes are headless, and the other two aren’t plugged in.

    I’ll be getting a KVM for my work laptop docking station, though.

  6. I bet it’s warm in there.

    If you smoke 800 cigarettes around those (internally well-ventilated) machines, I hope to got you clean the butter out of their fans and sinks occasionally.

    I went on a date with a Vista last weekend.
    I don’t know how you can stand it.

  7. Smoking generally happens outside, so no problems there.

    As for Vista, I think it’s the best OS Microsoft has made since DOS 6.22.

  8. I really want you to justify this, and I’m asking this with no bias.

    Last weekend I was in a desolate town about 14 hours from my agency when I was asked to do a rough turnaround for a 3D motion graphics piece, and I found myself without a computer. A neighboring town had a Staples, so I purchased a 15.4″ HP Pavillion Turion 64 X2 notebook with GeForce 6150 Go, and an additional GB of RAM since I saw that it had Vista Home Premium. I needed to get about 5 hours of After Effects 7 work done, a bit of Maya 8.5 work done, and renders of both posted to our extranet. I found the OS animations to be needless and chunky, save for the mouseover real-time preview of windows and the isometric stack ala Expose. The aforementioned software defaulted Vista into “classic mode”, which took these features away immediately. Apparently Vista had a big problem sharing video cache between software programs and doing proper screen draws to boot- my renders had dirty blue horizontal lines across them, I kept getting GL and DirectX errors, and the whole OS took a blue screen dump every 20 minutes or so. I was up for an additional 8 hours trying to turn all the fancy crap off so that I could get clean renders. I took the notebook back the next morning.

    Chalk it up to a bad driver, but that OS should have never been bundled with that notebook. Give me a stable old 2K/XP build any day.

  9. Honestly, I’m going to chalk that up to a bad driver.

    I think there are a ton of fantastic features in Vista: Whole disk encryption, superfetch, a transactional file system, etc. The memory management is immeasurably better, the audio stack is completely rewritten, everything is indexed now, which means that you can essentially perform all program and file navigation through a de facto command line. (The integration with the Xbox 360 is an obvious feature, but it’s really fucking well done.)

    The biggest problem with Vista is the developers who have had a year or two to write in compatibility with their software/drivers, but haven’t bothered yet. Most of my Adobe apps (except cs3) drop Vista to basic mode, but that’s Adobe’s job, not MS. There’s just so much intelligence in the programming and featureset (like using attached flash drives for cache) that it’ll be a year or two before it settles down and becomes obvious how much of a leap forward past XP it is, the same way that Windows 95 was anemic when it came out.

    I’m far from an MS fanboy, but they’ve been doing things very right recently — Vista, Xbox 360, Windows Home Server, Office 2007, Onenote… they’re on a roll.

    If they manage to turn Singularity into an actual OS, they’re take over the world for real.

  10. I think Guttman is an idiot, personally, and that his Vista-DRM article is complete trash. I haven’t had any Vista issues, and I’m not expecting any, anytime soon.

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