Selected items from the 2002 World’s Largest Scavenger Hunt (And yes, all of these are real.):

“I know now why you cry…but it is something I could never do.” A maximum 10-minute (spliced) video rendition of The King and I. Of course, the king must be played by Sir Arnold Schwarzenegger, and, in fact, Arnold should also play “I.” Come to think of it, Arnold should play all characters. Be sure to include the following lines somewhere in the production: “Give these people air!” “I eat Green Berets for breakfast, and right now I’m very hungry,” “Is it a water-heater?” “Hey, I’m a police officer,” and “These people, they tried to kill me, but I killed them.” [218 points]

The destructive power of rock: have a guitar ensemble play any of Slash’s 3 solos from “November Rain” in perfect unison (personally, we prefer the third solo on the album, but we’ll settle for the first). This item can be performed at any time between Item and Item , as long as the Head Judge is present. [60 points per guitarist; 5 guitarists maximum. 10 bonus points will also be awarded on the basis of your destruction: in other words, your ensemble must rock so hard that they break open some sort of glass container with their sound waves. It will not count against you if your guitarists are dressed as ninjas, which are cool. And by cool, we mean totally sweet]

Find a Jeeves or an Alfred enrolled at Butler University and take a picture of his ID. [80 points]

Using locals, re-enact the opening of The Drew Carey Show. [34 points]

In honor of Martha McClintock, create the perfume that killed Grenoulle. [88 points]

Every item from the ransom list in Airheads. [100 points]

At 8h00 on Friday, one non-captain member of your team must arrive at 54th and Kimbark (don’t get lost) They might want to bring $60 in personal burial money, a ripe orange, 15 sheets of lined paper (or a Big Chief tablet), one can of caffeine-free Coca Cola, two perfectly-glazed donuts, a valid U.S. passport, a plastic bag from Blockbuster Video, month-old menthol cigarettes, and a transcript reflecting a GPA of less than 2.5. That is all they can bring. Get your goodbyes out of the way beforehand. [510 points]

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