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I’m playing a benefit show (as Ad·ver·sary) for the World Wildlife Fund, Thursday at SAW.

The show is being put together by some of the XVI crowd, and the idea behind it is to bring together local producers of different styles of electronic music in a sit-down event:

This July 5th, Neil_nonstop and Phil Beta of T.C.P. will host a truly original electronic music show at none other than Club Saw. For one night, you will see and hear 7 of Ontario’s best new original musicians spanning different realms of the electronica spectrum.

This is a NOT A RAVE, this a night of 100% original music. So grab a seat with some friends, sit back, and prepare for a journey through sound.

The Styles will range from trance, to retro, to hard techno, to metal and beyond. The purpose of this show is to bring together different genres of electronica that seldom are played at the same event. This unique mix-up of amazing original music is just what you would expect from this beautiful province of ours. Not only will you hear some of the best new artists around, you’ll also be transported to another astral plane with visualizations by Brainwerx; the master behind the visuals at Illuminatrix.

Most importantly, we’re not doing this event any money. All profits from ticket sales and internal sales will be Donated directly to the World Wildlife Fund to assist their efforts Worldwide.

So if you want a night of amazing new music, the finest visuals, and support wildlife and the local music scene at the same time, you’ll want to be at Techno Ontario this July 5th at Club Saw.

It’s $10, and it’s an early show (I’m on at 8:20, and it ends at midnight). One of the projects is fronted by S4, who was a guest DJ at one of the Dark Carnivals, and also performed as Lou Cypher Project.

Featuring All-Original Electronic Music sets By

– Comrad [Link]
A rising name in the Ottawa Techno scene, Comrad is heavy into writing new tracks, all of which are unbelievably better than the last. The band is work of Nikolaus Sands, a classically trained musician from Ottawa. Using created and found resources, Comrad successfully incorporates organic instrumentation with thick analog bass and drum sounds. His style is constantly evolving and his latest releases clearly reflect it, pushing glitchy-atmospheric melodies to the limit on a wide arsenal of Analog Korg Synthesizers and Drum Machines. Comrad is a name to watch in the near future and you might just witness his burst into scene. This July 5th, Comrad will bring you a live set of his latest and best tracks along with the synths that made them!

– DJ Lushys
Djing and producing since 2000, 2001, and having played along side names such as Luna C, Dominik, SOS, S4, Ruffage and Deacon to name a few, his sound is forged from his love for all forms of dance music. Expect to hear a mash up of his own productions and collection which will take you from breaks, to old skool hardcore and jungle, to trance and back and everythign in between.

– Blake Sutherland [Link]
Although he’s a new name in Ottawa’s electronic music scene, Blake Sutherland has been quickly making a name for himself with his many amazing releases of dark, hard driving, trance fused with a generous helping of melody. When we first found this guy, we thought he was from out of town and were offering to bring him in Ottawa to play the show, he was that good. As luck would
have it, he’s from our own little city of Ottawa and would be more than happy to bring his original productions to you for a night you’ll never forget. Check out his tracks and then come for his first performance, live, at Techno Ontario.

– I Awake [Link]
Since forming in 2006 I Awake was the full on new project by djs S4, Lushys and Agent 1475, together with Phill Christy and Jon Sheriff their sound was awoken. Hard driving melodic music driven by an eclectic list of influences ranging from metal, post-punk and extensive experiences in EDM and Live Music performance, you do not want to miss this band!

– Ad·ver·sary
Ad·ver·sary is a project from local techno-industrial promoter Twiin, who brings over a decade of DJing and production experience to his music. Combining distorted and tribal beats with melodic arrangements and experimental sound design, Ad·ver·sary has been turning heads at shows throughout Canada and the United States. Fresh from a US tour with industrial-metal powerhouse Cyanotic, AVS is preparing for a two-week UK tour in the fall, and finishing his first album for Germany’s Ant-Zen records.

– Chris Girard
Chris was born in the city of Ottawa, Canada. His father’s strong love for music influenced him into the sounds of rock and alternative, and as he grew older, it became an even bigger part of his life. After playing in a band for over 4 years, and taking professional drum lessons, Chris became a very skillful percussionist. Studying the theory of music, Chris also became a mastermind of his own passion, and put it to work when he began to create his own music. After only three years of composing his own music, he has reached a level which is now being recognized by many top DJs and producers alike (ex. Paul Van Dyk, DJ Tarkan, V-Sag, Snake Sedrick, Nikola Gala, Perry O’Neil, Hernan Cattaneo, Jon Sinclair, and Ariel Cybana). He strives to create the perfect sound, and feels blessed to be given this opportunity to share his music with as many people as possible.(labels:,

– Zarnoosh
Born December 20th 1987 in Mumbai, India, Zarnoosh started producing at the young age of 14, when he sequenced drums for his first band. Now residing in Ottawa, Canada where he has had experience playing drums and percussion with numerous bands and other projects he is well-versed in the music scene. Having recently signed up his first couple of releases with more projects on the way things are fresh talent! (labels:,

The fine print:

+ The Video Game Hermit will be bringing his games to play free on the big screen.
7pm-9:30pm – The Best of Dos Games (email for game suggestions)
9:30pm-11:30pm – Nintendo Wii!

+ HUGE visual effects budget. Entertain your eyes as well as your ears with nonstop Visualizations by BRAINWERX!!

Techno Ontario
July 5, 2007
67 Nicholas St.
Ottawa, Ontario

Club Saw is not a large venue, to ensure optimal comfort and seating, this event will be limited to 100 tickets.

Tickets are 10$ and are on sale now at:
– Norml Clothing, in the Byward Market.

** Limited Tickets available at door, msg Phil Beta on XVI to reserve (15$)**

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