one more time for the masses

Thanks to everyone who came out last night — musically, that was one of the best shows I’ve ever attended, let alone had the opportunity to play at, or promote. Everyone who played put on an incredible performance.

Acumen played the best cover of Bela Lugosi’s Dead that I’ve ever heard — DJ? Acucrack did live remixes of Ministry, Skinny Puppy, Nitzer Ebb and The Prodigy — and Ahnüsse made a surprise appearance to perform Aut Haus, which has been a hit at the club for a few months. Matt brought some Grandmaster Flash to the show, and DJ Hip-Hop rocked the fuck out with some of the dirtiest darkest drum-n-bass I’ve heard in a very, very long time. So to the people there, thank you all very much. Acumen have been trying to come to Ottawa for years, and you did not disappoint them.

With that said, the crowd was much, much smaller in number than we were hoping (or fearing) it would be, and financially the show was a complete disaster of size to rival the FLA cancellation.

After this, we’re almost certainly going to be taking a step back in how we’re doing shows. I don’t want to do them as often as we’re doing them, and I don’t want to do bands as big as we’ve been doing. (I don’t see us continuing to pursue the Skinny Puppy date for their next tour.) I think instead, we’re going to take some time to focus on Tuesdays, get some of the music we’re playing into local record stores, try and build the crowd earlier in the evening (which is something we’re having trouble planning given how many house acts Zaphods has been booking lately).

It was an incredible show, but I’m physically, mentally and financially drained from last night (as is Leslie), and I do not have the emotional or fiscal stamina to invest so heavily when we’ve been asked for years to bring bands to town, and they end up playing to a crowd of 30 people.

10 thoughts on “one more time for the masses

  1. No apologies necessary — it happens, and that’s part of putting on shows.

    The issue is that it has been happening near-chronically for some time now. It’s not about this show, y’know?

  2. Is Ahnüsse ok from falling onto the stage? That was a first for me, yes people falling off the stage but not on.

    I have no clue where lots of the people who said they were comming were.

  3. Kewl. I heard them once before and I really enjoyed them. I really wish I was feeling better Sunday so I could have gone. :(

  4. for what it’s worth, thank you for the hard work you guys invested. i think you have the right idea about scaling back. no one could fault you for being reticent about bringing big names in.

  5. My thoughts are with you both. It is so hard to be a passionate event planner.

    I loved the acumen version of bela; they played that in TO.

    Hugs to you both

  6. One more time for the Bass!

    FYI: That Prodigy remix was the Pendulum version, not an original.

    Also, I’ve decided that I owe you two some dinner, because last night was THAT fun.

  7. if you guys want to start doing smaller low-cost shows to make some money back, i’m always available.

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