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  1. lol

    hey chris, jairus was supposed to email you last night but i’m guessing he forgot so imma ask you here; can you help out at the event tomorrow? lemme know but we could really use another worker so if you were planning on going anyhow it’ll save you $12 and you get tasty food i’m bringing in for people working the event :D anyhow, lemme know if you wanna pitch in!

  2. Jairus says:
    Jairus says:
    so you wanna help with doors?

    Kira-Lynn – Matt/Jairus show – Sunday April 29th – Maverick’s says:
    hey sure
    i used to be the queen of doors at all ages saw shows
    and merch girl at sandy hill cc shows
    and bumpers
    i am very, very experienced
    plus this way you dont have to let another person in free because i already had the girlfriend in

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