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  1. How many bedrooms do you need? My aunt and uncle are in the process of renovating a kick ass house to rent out in a couple of months …

  2. its one thing to move on your own
    but its another thing to be kicked out of your home

    i hope you guys find a kickass house soon! :)

  3. 2nd time it’s happened to me too…BUT luckily i have an AWESOME landlord who, even though he took my fantastic loft on bank st., has always bent over backwards to help out…hell, he’s even knocked off a huge chunk of back rent i owed him [remember my awful roomate luck a couple years back? yeah…sucked] TWICE so i can’t complain…well, complain MUCH anyhow, because it REALLY DOES SUCK to be kicked out of your place for reasons that are out of your control and not your responsibility :(

  4. I know of a great place in the Preston area. It’s $1400 or so a month, 4 bedroom house. It’s attached to another house that two amazing dykes just bought so that’s how I got word it’s up for rent.

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