7 thoughts on “Goodbye Blue Monday

  1. <3

    Excellent reminder, and was thinking the same sort of thing at work yesterday with 8 TV’s blaring CNN’s coverage the “massacre”.

  2. Why even stop there, how many in Darfur? How many in every other conflict? How many from HIV in Africa? How many from all the side effects of poverty and ignorance? I know I’m preaching to the choir, but these are all things that we can, in theory, do our part to help too.
    We can’t really help the odd person with bad electricity in their brain except for strict gun control to keep the number killed from getting that high, but there is always something you can do for those close to home and those far away.
    Sorry, not too coherent, but you know how I’m try to agree and expand.

  3. I was discussing the exact same sentiment with one of my friends last night. I guess people who die in the war are considered ‘necessary losses’. >:(

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