23 thoughts on “OH GOD I CANT STOP

  1. The first song leaked, apparently found on a USB key in a washroom stall in Lisbon.

    song doesn’t sound so bad … but i bet the “leak” was intentional … pun intended as well.

  2. a bathroom stall is a perfect place to ‘leak’ … so why not?

    there’d be less of a fit about copyright anywhere that’s NOT the US.

    those other sites are just bizarro world. i still haven’t made up my mind.

  3. you know he doesn’t love you, right? AND HE NEVER DID!

    now come home and soothe your soul, it’s minus a mamillian out there and we’re out of pizza pockets…WE ARE CLEARLY LOST WITHOUT YOU!

  4. oui! i’m heading down to meet up with Jairus on the 28th just after DJing and heading back to Ottawa with Jairus on the 3rd…he’ll be down for that week for work stuff, and i’m meeting him that wed…i’d love to see you, spend a bit more time than a few drinks if you can swing it…i’d also love to DJ since it’s been a while, but i dunno what nights are what or even who to talk to, so if you have any suggestions lemme know?

    send us your contact info, k?

    i really do hope we get to spend some time :)

  5. I’ll make a serious effort if an effort is even required when you come down. I’m not sure what I might be able to snag you in terms of DJ spots but if you stayed until Sunday I could give you one of my Darkrave sets. Call me at 647.880.4322.

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