Jairus’s Space Journal of the Future, Stardate 60586.4.

One of my students (the kind who is always looking to impress) did some self-assigned ‘homework’ and took it upon himself to thoroughly Google me.

…which, rather surprisingly, only left him with the impression that I’m very well-known in my field, and that I write insane music.

This will do.

I made my way down to another “best of” diner today, and had some delicious Alberta buffalo. The diner itself was all fucked up and weirdly modern-retro, if that makes any sense at all. I’ve never seen a greasy spoon so completely polished and money-soaked.

I then proceeded to get stranded outside on the side of the street for an hour, dialing and redialing the cab number I had, only to be met with the unforgiving tones of a busy signal. I still can’t feel my feet.

…in other news, I had lunch in this beautiful indoor garden with a pond full of Koi. Calgary’s got this downtown dealie they call “+15” (the first time I saw the signs I thought it was an ad for a RPG store), where all the buildings downtown provide 2nd floor pedestrian access and glass bridges from building to building. This building in particular had dedicated its entire 2nd floor to this garden. A tropical oasis, in the middle of corporate Calgary.

This is a weird little town, and everything in it reminds me of things I really don’t want to be reminded of. Is it time to come home yet?

3 thoughts on “755

  1. also, google appears to lurve you.

    heh the ‘alex kovacs resource page’ link your name is associated with is b0rked…awwww.

  2. That website made me unhappy. It is NOT “such a good day”. More like a “irritating-to-navigate” day. I looked for a “skip intro” button but realized that the whole thing was an intro.

    I hope the food was good. :)

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