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  1. Sex, drugs, and Rock n’ Roll?

    It depends on what you want done I suppose. What type of emotional impact do you want to have?

  2. Yeah. Cut yourself just to watch it bleed, whydon’tyou.

    P.S. The catharsis part comes with screaming lyrics, not hunching over a keyboard.

  3. Maybe you are subconsciously doing that?
    Maybe it’s something that has to come out and this is how you deal with it?
    I don’t know. Don’t listen to me. I know nothing.

  4. Playing live is such an afterthought that it hadn’t even entered my mind when I posted.

    I’m not looking to get my rocks off on stage, I just want to understand how writing about something helps people move past it, instead of reinforcing it.

  5. I didn’t mean playing live.

    And I think it can do both. When I write sometimes I dwell, sometimes I move on. Like it helps me sort things out.

    But I know nothing about making music.

  6. Catharsis comes from being able to tell the whole truth of what you have to say, not part of it. I suspect that there are few people out there that would be able to handle said truth, and achieving catharsis through your music might come with a heavy cost — enough, perhaps, to hold you back from release.

    I also agree with [info]kira_lynn that the process of composition may inhibit release (the medium is the message). The flip side of the coin is cathartic poetry… if it can be done in that medium, it should be possible in music. It depends really on whether catharsis can be instantiated for you by pulling it all in and producing a condensed essence to share, or whether it would be achieved by taking what’s inside and blasting out to the universe for us to make sense of.

  7. The best art shouldn’t comfort, it should whack you upside the head, punch you in the stomach, kick you in the ass, poke you in the kidneys…and make you think. If all it does is comfort you, you might just be dead already.


  8. It depends on my mood,but I can often work things out through the pain,its the walking throgh it that is the most difficult.

  9. i really disagree with the idea that you need to have screaming vocals or smashing drums to equal cathartic release…i have had some very emotionally charged cathartic experiences simply by writing something out and getting just the right wording…sure vocals or drums may be easy or tried and true, but i don’t see any delineation between types of artistic creation…some manners or tools may be less direct or gutterally emotional, but that needn’t mean less cathartic, only different…i’d think that if one were using any tools or methods that prevented feeling all/most catharsis in creating something inherently emotional to them, then they wouldn’t get very far in the creation process nor would they be very happy with the outcome….IMO, if your music is inherently emotional, then your tools/methods only change the flavour of catharsis, if that catharsis is possible…i think maybe there is a confusion between catharsis and emotion, that somehow if there is no catharsis then there is an assumption that there is a lack of emotional connection as well…i think with [info]twiin, it has NOTHING to do with his methods or tools and has everything to do with how he creates, what he taps in to, and he does have a great emotional connection to his music, it’s only that it doesn’t seem to be the cathartic connection that so many seem to assume exists.

  10. i really disagree with the idea that you need to have screaming vocals or smashing drums to equal cathartic release

    Were you replying to my comment or [info]kira_lynn‘s? Just want to make sure before I answer…

  11. both? it’s a concept held by many, often followed by the assumption that electronic music isn’t as real as rock’n’roll etc…i’m not saying either of you are claiming such, but both of you allude to some preconceptions that have a larger echo in the mainstream, so like with most of my LJ writing, i wasn’t specifically replying to one or the other, nor limited to either or both…

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