now where did i put my flux capacitor…

Have you ever had the feeling that somewhere out there, there is an another you? That there’s another life for you, one perhaps not dissimilar to your own, being lived at this very moment?

Have you ever felt that right now, that other you is experiencing something very real, very profound? That you are, in some way, within sacred space?

Canal and Broadway, New York City.

Street lights reflected on wet pavement, and a murmur of cars and conversation that is somehow more solemn than silence.

6 thoughts on “now where did i put my flux capacitor…

  1. Sometimes. Usually I feel that the other me out there is living the life I could be living, and the other me is usually having the better time. We live somewhat dissimilar lives, except in terms of environment and some circumstances. Parallel universe?

    And if you were in NYC you should have fuckin’ let me know!! :)

  2. I wasn’t in New York, I just had the streets stuck in my head. Although, I would like to come down to the big city sometime soon.

    I need to convince someone with a car.

    I need a car.

  3. If you came down here I would show you everything. The club scene probably isn’t as great as Ottawa’s, but it’s still the shit.

    If you do, come down in the spring. Winter in NYC is pretty cool, but spring is better.

    And give me advance notice.

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