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  1. well, if it was an interesting job, and the money was more than enough to live on (as in, would pay rent, bills, food, clothes, medical costs, and then enough left over for entertainment and to put in the bank) i just might.

    but then, dad’s from saskatchewan, and i have family just about a 10 hour drive from saskatoon (in alberta), plus there’s SJA to join out there (instant group).

  2. It generally costs around 10K less per year for the same standard of living that you would get here.

    Trust me I know, I spent 13 years in those parts.

  3. Since it’s much closer to Donovan, I’d have to say I could be bought for somewhere in the neighbourhood of 30,000 a year after taxes. (That’s twice what I make now, and I figure it to be ample compensation for having to live in Saskatchewan.)

    If it weren’t closer to him…………..


  4. My lover isn’t there.
    There is no good place for Aikido there. No amount is worth it, money is issusion, life is finite, I’d rather live than be given money.

  5. I have really close friends in Regina, so that would influence me, but that’s sort of moot in other people’s decision making. Another prairie area that’s otherwise similar in my mind would be less appealing because of the loneliness factor. My friend is a queer/cool girl and found it quite a culture shock, and had trouble finding likeminded, young people.

    I kind of want an out of town adventure, but two years is long…
    …I would say enough to live on, plus enough to put stuff away. I wouldn’t want to come back to Ottawa with the same amount I had when I left.

    So maybe 40k a year? I see now that other people are saying that too. I can live happily on under 30k, but I don’t know what the cost of living is out there.

    And again, I know this wouldn’t apply to all other hypothetical people, but having my house is another tie to the city I’d have to deal with.

  6. PS.
    I’m assuming you mean a job.

    If “someone”, as you put it, was just going to pay me to live there, and all I had to do was spend my time there but I could do whatever the fuck I want all day, I would take a lot less money.

  7. I’m the same…the abilty to move back..
    Pretty moot for me..my kids are live here and neither Peter(their dad) and I can move with the kids..

  8. Considering I lived there from age 5 – 18 and still have family there, they would have to pay all my living expenses plus therapy bills plus book/music/internet costs.

    Then, after I returned back to the city, I am sure recovery costs (club money, concerts, trip to WGT, Mera Luna, castle party, trips to asia and europe etc) would need to be paid.

    I guess the answer is way too much



  9. Oh, and a vehicle. I don’t care if they buy it for me or loan me a fullt-ime company vehicle, but there is no way I’d go if I didn’t have a car there.

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