17 thoughts on “i heart marx

  1. School made me forget what that is, it won’t even let me got out to Zaphod’s on Tuesdays anymore.
    Though it is interesting what it does to you mentally when not exposed to said jerks, or those who spend time with said jerks.

  2. guess i’m a jerk. EMOTEAR! ;)

    i didn’t really pick this lack of socializing. well… yeh i did.
    i would like to get out more and see people. you for instance. :P

    i’ll even play Cranium with you.

  3. I didn’t message. I uhh.. mostly didn’t do anything. I kinda hid like a coward. Too many people outside. I had to endure that mess. No excuse though. I .. well… i have been feeling slightly off lately. Sorry for not messaging. All is well.

  4. Glad you’ve made the breakthrough, sorry that you haven’t transitioned to some other state of existence (re: the whole socializing, or lack thereof, thing). Not-jerks are hard people to find. Good luck on your search.

  5. Jerks = drama and drama takes up a lot of time and energy and you never have enough time in the day for the things you enjoy doing. I like life without jerks. I suspect you will so-shall-I’s again one day.

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