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  1. The diversity of a quantum elementary quark fumbled reality leaves many gaps in an otherwise vaguely plausible plot. The highly unstable nature of two simultaneous unique quantum signatures co-existing on the same temporal plane leaves one asking: why didn’t marty spontaneously cancel out his other self by entering the same reality as his past self.
    Then there is the ideal that in a quasi non unified role, Mcfly a [Ma](who is there before he leaves), and Mcfly b [Mb](who arrives after being transported from the past by a lightning strike into the present(?) an hour before he leaves… being that geographically his quantum signature is separated by many other interfering waves and signals, he effectively is cloaked from singular canceling or sub-atomic collision.
    Now, being that Ma sees Mb in near sight to sight range in the parking lot, one would assume (in a non unified role) that at this point the 2 of them would essentially cancel each other out in favor of a stable matrix for the one signature…
    what was I talking about….?
    Oops, fried something.

  2. *nod*

    but what of the theory of multiple parallel realities running concurrently…so that each time you ‘time travel’ you are actually jumping realities, unable from the very start to -ever- occupy your original parallel life again? hence the more you ‘time travel’ the further from your familiar reality you go…and the act of time traveling doesn’t imply any spontaneous co-existance of the -same- character, since you differ (even minutely) from yourself in the original reality…and the more your travel, the more obvious these differences become…

    you ever read “the man who folded himself”


  3. yes, YES! (tapping nose) correct! This is the only way to avoid such collisions! However, one major hole appears in this theory (no singularity based pun intended), and that is at no point can we explain through the basic notion of multiple universal parallel dimentions the reason why he can share that same space with himself (as he does in several films) unless each and every marty on differing planes of reality is a vastly different Mcfly (from a quantum signature point of view). In which case, he is destroyed the night he leaps through time and is recreated as he “arrives” at the new locality….
    Oh shit…
    Oh….crap, I suddenly have to stop thinking about this, I just realized what gave me a massive headache in grade 10, when I started to try to work this out, and I got into multiple signatures on a quantum scale sharing relative forms and “spooky” harmonic identities vs multiple plains of identical signatures….
    (nose bleed)

    Oh, and I havnt read “The man who folded himself”…unless its that story about the guy who gets a visit from an older man who takes him back into the past to meet his own mother, whom he has sex with, then becomes his own father, the is taken back in time again later, his sex is changed and made into a woman, and made to meet himself, whom he then has sex with, becoming also his own mother. Then he at the end of his life has his sex changed back, and travels back in time to meet himself and travel further back in time to become the manufacturer of his own destiny by making his younger self be his own father and mother.
    No, I havnt read that book, but I have Heard the story….

  4. hey brother,

    sorry I havn’t kept in touch, been a little sick lately, but I still think of you and josh, hope everything is great….give me a call sometime, 724-2096 we should hook up, or maybe some sunday I shall come to babylone, talk to you soon hopefully

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