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  1. Lesser of the six evils?

    The “back three” never stood a chance. Underrepresented in the media and pretty much ignored otherwise. For the record, I wanted Piotr to win. The Jpods would have been cool. A little silly, but it would have been cool.

    Chiarelli fucked up big time. He didn’t know his head from his ass when running the city. The mess with the library, the bidding contracts for the light rail, the bickering of the council, the nasty e-mail wars that broke out… he was the since biggest reason why the voter turnout was almost double what it was last time there was a municipal election. Anything to get rid of him.

    Munter? Ottawa vote for a gay candidate? Not in this tight-laced town. We’re back to waffling on the crackpipe program, which looks to be like the limit of people’s tolerance. The lack of big support (i.e. MONEY!) for the Gay Pride Parade showed that while there are probably a lot more GLBT’s in Ottawa than anyone would care to admit, they’re not voting for the guy who ran his own newspaper and called the mayor of Kanata “Stalin”.

    I’m thinking that O’Brien won because he said that he’s going to run the city like a business. Every suburb shrieked in delight when they heard that. It meant that since they had property and some cash, they mattered again. They’re still cattle, but now they get to think that someone’s listening to their moos.

    The opinions expressed above are not mine. They’re just a really good facsimile.

  2. the threats to the SITE program were unfounded, and not researched…it’s a provincal program, not city and it’s mandated by health as a necessity, so it’s untouchable at the local level…and THESE people are in politics while Jairus isn’t? hrm…. :)

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