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  1. Leslie and I have been wanting/trying to move to the netherlands for some time, but there’s delays right now for the relevant work visas. A friend of mine just got a one-year ‘working vacation’ vista, though, which is apparently not delayed, and moved to Leiden. So I’m looking into that, to see if that might let me head over there sooner.

    Know anyone who’s hiring? ;)

  2. not really … i’m looking for something new myself.
    monsterboard.nl has quite some offers though …
    best is to decide where you wanna go and look what local agencies have to offer.

  3. yo. it was a tranced out GORE-DRENCHED SURPRISE seeing you at last time’s darrrrk rrrrave… you looked so pleasantly sweet, so pleasantly ZOMBIE! slawek’s set was timed same as yours in the backroom so i grooved a bunch to that back there… then after his set everything was so let’s-get-outta-here and as we were trying to round everyone up passing back and forth through the main room we each separately and together had to stop and dance, coats and bags and all, surprised to hear good music, good breakcore, in the MAIN ROOM… then i looked upwards and saw you. so thanks for giving us some GRAND EXITING MUSIC. specifically the tracks leading up to and including: the venetian snares beauty off of what might be his greatest release {rossz csillag alatt született} Awesome. cheers. and see you DECEMBER 08 okay? i’ll be properly promoting it soon but for now. this is what i’m talking about, it being what i refer to &mean.

    &so. lovelove, KISSKISSESZ.
    to you and leslie both!

  4. that car had to run out of gas sometime.
    and when it did, there we were, sinking our teeth into its back bumper.

    …y’smug canadian bastard.

  5. Oh no, I am not smug. We have a lizardman in the Prime Minister’s Office, and the PMO holds more power over the country than any other elected position holds over any other nation.

    We got our own problems, for sure.

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