12 thoughts on “Neo Deo

  1. You’re a brave lady. Taking on anothers troubles is a difficult thing to do, especially if its not equal.

    You can do it though. The trick is always making sure you want to.

  2. i just don’t get the ‘art’ of it…it’s meaningless decoration…to me, not ‘art’ at all…the clouds are cute? *shrug*

  3. nothin’ wrong with that…it’s just how i delineate between ‘art’ and ‘deco’…i had a great conversation with my friend Don [NUMB] about ‘art’….for him he doesn’t feel he is producing ‘art’ unless it, at some point in time, has an audience…the subject can often be a pretty interesting conversation.

  4. I still can’t figure out how that comment got here… it was for a friend – female – who deserved a pat on the back for some hard stuff. o.O

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