14 thoughts on “From the 416

  1. EW! And now I’m involved in the tag?
    God, watch out Jairus. It’s on now. Don’t think you can out gross me on the internet – I will drag your name through worse.

  2. Call me bizatch. There is party tonight and going home to Ottawa tomorrow. I need to acquire you for both events and I have no contact number for you here.

  3. lol – I was just doing the same thing.

    J – was nice to chat with you, hope you can remember me through the haze of vodka!!

  4. Uh, yeah. Same here. Added you, if that’s okay.

    Thank you for helping us celebrate the new place, Mr. Jairus. Hopefully we’ll see you again soon, and this time I’ll make sure we do it on a Saturday:)

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