Thanks to everyone who came out for the Halloween show. There was all kinds of chaos leading up to it, and the Fire Marshall made us take down the biggest and best decorations before Tuesday night, but everyone looked fantastic, and it was a great night. Aside from a glitch during Encephalon’s set, there were no surprises, which is always a good thing.

(Except for Will, who’s boycott obviously doesn’t extend to the cake.)

I’m going to be playing Dark Rave in Toronto tomorrow. I have no idea what time, or what I’ll be playing, I just know I’ll be in the main room. Be there or be… somewhere else. (Edit: Looks like I’ll be on from 1:00 AM to 2:30 AM or so, in the main room.)

In other news, I’m thinking about shutting down my LJ. I might setup a website on one of the countless domains I keep buying and doing nothing with, or I might just move house to Vox, the new LJ-like service from the owners of LJ. It’s what LiveJournal would’ve been if LiveJournal was made today, instead of five years ago.

…which is what it is, I guess.

If I end up migrating there, I’ll post a link. Any of you who want a new community-oriented site, you should