Public Transportation

1: An observation of two brothers.

They are wearing matching ski jackets, pants, gloves, and headwarmers, but in different neon colours. One, the older one, is fast asleep with a copy of Important Black Men through History forgotten in his lap. The other one, the younger one, is bouncing up and down in his seat, eyes wide with wonder at The Hobbit.

2: A conversation with an old lady.

Her: “You are young, and I hate you. I hate your air of arrogance, of contempt. I hate your blue hair, your leather coat, your aesthetic. I hate everything you stand for, you and all people like you.”

Me: “You hate me because I am young and you do not know me, but you are old, and I have known a thousand of you. Every day, you find me and say those words to me, but there are less of you now than there were yesterday, and tomorrow there will be less still. You hate me because you do not understand me, and you never will. Your hate is fear, and your fear will never move me.”

No one on the bus took notice of this exchange; they did not see the way we looked at each other, how we spoke without words.

17 thoughts on “Public Transportation

  1. And I know why others would not see the exchange.

    Eyes forward ladies and gentlemen. please do not interact with members of your community for that will breed mutual understanding and respect. Eyes forward if you please.


  2. Those new-ish buses with the seats facing each other near the back fascinate me.

    If you sit in the very rear, you can get a good view of four people, each of them trying desperately to look anywhere at all but the at person right in front of them.

  3. No one on the bus took notice of this exchange; they did not see the way we looked at each other, how we spoke without words.

    Brilliant! Really, brilliant. I like it.

  4. The world fascinates me. I too am sick of people hating me without exchanging so much as a word with me. What is everyones problem? Why do we designate hatred for the unknown, why not curiosity? Why not open-mindedness?


  5. Quite simply it is a basic animalistic reaction, a fear of the unknown. Unfortunately most people tend to give in to their baser instincts and simply act on said instincts instead of using a capabilities for reason in order to confront the unknown with curiosity and/or open-mindedness.

  6. Animals don’t fear the unknown, they fear the known.

    Examine: Dodo birds were easy to slaughter by humans because they had no previous exposure to humans, and thus (not having learned to stay the fuck away from people) did not run away when they came near. It is humans who expect to know everything, and become afraid when they don’t.

  7. and (i am afraid regardless)

    that aside, i like very best what you said and how you said it in this here comment to a comment that i am commenting on.
    [not of course]: that it particularly matters.

  8. Allo Bunny!

    Now keep something in mind. The entire life of a ninja is to remain unseen and to misdirect the perceptions of others. So naturally a ninja could never say that they were a ninja as that would draw the attention of too many samurai, demons or americna movie plots/sequels. In order to maintain their ultimate power (the ability to kick heads off), this just cannot be.
    So L, I wish to say that I am not a ninja. But is that a ninja-ploy (cunning even) or am I telling the truth? I am black so I don’t need to wear the jammies. I can breathe fire and sometimes enter and exit places unseen so I must study the magic. Hmmmm….

    – There was a fro.

  9. Just like urinals… I mean come on. For men, that is the prime example of close proximity combined with self imposed isolation. We all find that mysterious spot on the wall and stare at it as if doing so would allows us to achieve enlightenment.


  10. I’d have to agree with Adam, I never take the bus either. I’m also very happy I’m no longer so crippled that I cannot drive.

  11. mind talk with strangers
    sadness gives way to hate
    on the ride to school you find
    the way our world is without
    Ive moved into a world without
    having hope for people
    give me a key for your will
    and I will speak your language
    dream a little dream of me
    for me

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