Tour Diary – Day 2 (Columbus, OH)

Due to an equipment failure (alarm clock), we were late getting on the road to our Columbus show. We’re all running on Very Little Sleep, so things are very smelly, scruffy, and twitchy.

We also got a speeding ticket, which was nice.

The venue itself was a little place called The High Five, and while the staff and manager were very nice, the sound was complete shit and the turnout was worse. As it turned out, the booking agent didn’t give them a tech rider beforehand, and I guess the sound man was ill-prepared for the type of music we’re playing.

So, after playing to a dozen people or so, we went down to Columbus’ big goth/industrial club (Why didn’t we play there, you ask? I’ll let you know after I yell at the booking agent some more), and did a bunch of Cyanotic giveaways, and made the DJ play a few tracks from the album. Given that the crowd went ballistic, I should expect we’ll play there next time around.

It was a surprisingly awesome venue, even if the music was mostly retro and/or EBM. There was a fetish section full of people who actually knew their stuff, and were’n into not fashion. Walls of floggers, very nice racks (with bolt cutters on the floor beside them), a number of electro-play items (TENS unit, violet wands, etc).

We chatted for a bit with a few people who’re really involved in the scene here (I think Flesh Field asked Sean to do breaks for their next album), and then headed off. We’re en route now to a hotel outside Pittsburgh, and we’re going to spend the day tomorrow doing promo at record stores and shops. That’s the idea, at least. I haven’t heard shit from the booking agent as to where the good stores in this town are, so it might make my idea a little difficult.

Today’s driving music: Ice Cube – The Predator, Lil Jon – Crunk Juice, Empusae – Error 404

7 thoughts on “Tour Diary – Day 2 (Columbus, OH)

  1. “Today’s driving music: Ice Cube – The Predator, Empusae – Error 404”

    it’s like i’m there in spirit ;)


    PS You should have gotten a replacement flogger for us since we can’t find ours….oh hello everyone…

  2. heh of all people i have absolutely NO concern about shocking with any choice in lifestyle…in fact i’m certain i couldn’t shock you even if i tried :D this is a rare and admirable quality in my world!

  3. ah well…somehow i’m sure you’ll manage to keep your eyes open for new toys anyhow, and if you ask for a couple hundred $$ for something ‘we need’, i trust you ;) it’s just that flogger was like warm silky butter it was soooo nice…i am almost positive i loaned it out, but to who?

    break a leg tonight babe! send groupies!

  4. oooooooo a TENS unit, I need me one of those for my knee. Shitty deal about the show, hope NY and beyond are going to be better. Good luck with the rest of the tour.

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