Tour Diary updates will resume shortly.

It is with great regret that I must announce the cancellation of the following dates:

Charlotte, NC
Spartanburg, SC
Tampa, FL
Spring Hill, FL
Ft. Myers, FL
Atlanta, GA
Memphis, TN
St. Louis, MO

A number of logistical difficulties arose which made it impossible for us to play in those cities, on those dates.

More specifically, the booking agent is fucking useless.

We are in the process of booking a makeup tour to hit the cities we can’t make on this tour (and a few more in the area), which hopefully should happen around Fall/Winter. We put together a special merch bundle for people who live in one of the cities which had its show cancelled, so if you’re not able to see the show, at least we can get the new merch, compilations and tour album to you.

$20 + S&H
1 Cyanotic shirt
VA – Hordes of the Elite
VA – Modern Destruction 1.1
10 Cyanotic stickers
5 Adversary stickers

$40 + S&H
1 Cyanotic shirt
1 Adversary shirt
Cyanotic vs Adversary – Music for jerks
VA – Hordes of the elite
VA – Modern destruction 1.1
VA – dark sonus
10 Cyanotic stickers
10 Adversary stickers

Edit: Prices now obsolete. :)

5 thoughts on “674

  1. The bright side is, of course, that you are playing a venue that actually has the name “Bottoms Up” which, if a venue catering to the discerning gentleman, will result in countless alheimerish introductions to stories for your grandchildren consisting of, “Boy, have I ever told you about the time I played ‘Bottoms Up’?”

  2. hey!

    Contact the Friar, as he knows a promoter in Charlotte…and if you are not the type of act they promote there, tshe will certainly know who does!


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