Tour Diary, Day -4

Today, much like yesterday, was full of chaos. I’m managing this tour now, it seems, so I’m trying to get all the shit in order. Madness.

We tried to break the stress by taking a trip to IHOP to partake of their delicious iced tea, which is unlimited and flows like a river.

You iHip and you iHop

Sadly, their iced tea brewing dealie was broken, and we were denied its rejuvinating powers. So we went home. And then we slept.

Today was spent on the phone with every car rental place within 100 miles, looking to find a place that both has a full-size van for rent, and also lacks a 25-and-above age restriction. This is an impossible quest, of course, so we’re going to be forced to rent a minivan, which means we’re going to have to cut two people off the tour.

One of these two people is pretty angry, but fuck him. It’s just not possible, and he’s being a jerk.

After a morning on the phone, the afternoon was spent finalizing the two tour CD-R compilations that we’re bringing with us. Most of this was wasted time, as we later discovered that my laptop sound card was distorting the fuck out of everything.


We spent another hour undoing the previous four hours work, and then we were off to Invisible Records to drop it off.

Guns 'n' Rosaries
You eat out of that?STUFF
Change!Psychadelic Nun

We were there for an hour or so (the fridge full of free Red Bull may have contributed to this), and he was kind enough to spend the majority of that time giving me advice on tour management. The man is a fucking wizard.

He asked if Leslie and I could write a story or two for a book that he’s putting together on the music industry. A promoter’s perspective on how-not-to-get-fucked. (Clearly, he’s a poor judge of character.)

Then, a mostly-uneventful walk home (which was filled with tasty italian lemonade), a brief stop at the grocery store, and here we are.

POWER!Lights + Camera = Action

Tomorrow I advance all the venues, and we drive up to South Bend to spend the rest of the week practicing and getting to know the gear. Martin wants me to give him a ring to fill him in on what’s happening with the venues, as he’s just as concerned as I am about the fact that the booking agent is a completely useless douche of colossal proportions. I am afraid of what we will learn.

…but now the time for Demolition Man draws near.

Update: We went with Robocop.

7 thoughts on “Tour Diary, Day -4

  1. Do they allow iPods in the iHop? Maybe there’s a promotion with iCoke to get an iMac at the iHop.

    It’s like eCommerce, but newer and better.

  2. “the only constant thing is change”

    maybe martin is my long lost boy twin?

    after all this time that looks like a typo…twin.

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