This town needs an enema.

For those of you who will be seeing Cyanotic and Ion tour, here’s a sneak preview of one of the 3 (three!) new compilations we’ve put together for this little outing:

Rabbit Junk – Industrial is Dead (Demo)

like some girl in a snuff video
with a chord around her neck
and her veins full of blow
she’s dancing like she doesn’t know
that she’s hanging in the morgue with industrial
so gothed out like “black number 1”
She’d rather slit her wrists than have some fun
Shaking her corpse to the same old shit
Playing it safe is boring, isn’t it!?

Oi! Mr. DJ, what records are ya playin’ today
Oi! Mr. DJ, are you gonna play the same damn thing that you did yesterday

This ghetto
like gangstas
in limbo
a fortress
a mission
this corpse has been re-animated
pale embrace in a sick romance
it’s dead and gone but still they all dance

Every day is Halloween
but it’s Halloween stuck in ’93
And it makes me think of the good old days
of skinny puppy and ministry
combat boots and pvc
Dressing up like a scary drag queen
It’s dead and gone, so let’s move on
Industrial R.I.P.

If yer lookin for a zombie fuck
then get your kicks at the “club noc noc” (Seattle, WA.)
dancing all ro-bot-ic
120 bpm goin tic toc tic toc

un-dead posers drinking at the bar
and broken pretty things that can’t get very far
and the 3 legged dogs that are on the the prance
I say step aside bitches I’m here to dance

Let’s fucking dance

14 thoughts on “This town needs an enema.

  1. This is mike and I’m at work with no other way to contact you. The last 2 anon posts were mine, don’t post them or this one.
    Just wanted you to know that the other leslie the one that was going to do the 6-9 is calling her self dj lesliegh as well. Wouldn’t this be infringing on something? Since Leslie has been using it for a while couldn’t she demand change? I would suggest if yes that she or you for her should push for the change as you wouldn’t want people to mix them up or her to take a free ride on leslie’s hard work.

    Good work on your posts btw. u r t3h smrt roxors111111

  2. uh, you didn’t do it already before we talked about it, did you? if you did can you post MORE COMING SHORTLY or something? i wanted to make a large, more comprehensive post about the comps, tracks we’re profiling including the newish stuff you burned for me before you left for tour that i don’t have the names of yet….

  3. what are you talking about? a skeleton??? ARE YOU HIGH AND AT WORK? AGAIN? ;)

    i’ll just come get you now and you can explain yourself IN ENGLISH PLEASE

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