Tory, Tory, Tory!

Conservative MP Garth Turner speaks about breaking ranks against the party, calling for the resignation of Minister of International Trade David Emerson:

“I know the PMO has a song sheet it wants all caucus members to sing from, and I know what happens when an individual chooses to go his or her own way. I was just hoping this time I would not be asked to choose – between party and principle. I chose principle.”

“I’m expecting the Whip will be assigning me a renovated washroom somewhere in a forgotten corner of a vermin-infested dank basement in Ottawa. That should go well with my seat in the House of Commons that will be visible only during lunar eclipses.”

“I think it is now safe to say my career options within the Conservative caucus are seriously limited.”


13 thoughts on “Tory, Tory, Tory!

  1. Okay, that was beyond brilliant! I laughed my ass off (it hurts to sit now)! Crud, I’m going to have to add his RSS feed and read it (I read back more of his stuff and I remember reading some of it during the election). What’s most amazing is he has managed to say, in public, and at fairly serious personal cost (at least in the short term, perhaps it will pay off in the long term for him?), what so many others are thinking in their homes all over the country… of all political stripes.

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