My friends,

Does anyone have a fairly recent laptop that they would be willing to rent to me for a month? I promise to treat it as if it were my own child. Better, in all likelyhood, as a Jairus Jr. would probably freak me out pretty bad.

I’ll happily pay you in dollars, cookies, web design, hardware, recreational chemicals, or whatever else you’d like.

Please hope me, internets!

11 thoughts on “Labtobs

  1. Mine is an IBM ThinkPad. If you can’t find anything Super-dee-Dooper, you’re welcome to borrow my not-quite-a-piece-of-crap-but-not-half-bad-either machine. You can even wipe it and install all new hardware, if you wish.

  2. Not really, all I can tell you about it is that it’s 3 years old, has an intel celeron processor, and has always made me very happy with it’s speed and lack of issues. I’ve banged the fuck out of it, and it still runs like a top, has hot-swappable drives (3.5 and cd) and also seems to have a wireless card as well as a regular highspeed type modem thingy…. (Yes, I know, I’m not able to tell you what it all is in technical language, but you’re welcome to take a look at it anytime you like!) : )

  3. Much awesomeness. Could you possibly go to your Control Panel, then System, and tell me what it says under Computer?

  4. For hardware that you mihgt find handy, it has an IBM ThinkPad Fast infrared port, a lucent technologies soft modem AMR, intel-pro/100 VE network conection ….

  5. If everything falls through I do have my old beastie…it’s a PIII 700 MHz (ie about as fast as P4 at a Gigahertz…boy did Intel screw up the P4!, 256 Meg of Ram, 40 Gig HD…currently with W2Kpro, and Slackware Linux on it. It’s a compaq M700. And it needs an external mouse, as the Trackpoint (aka the IBM Clitorus) doesn’t work properly. Battery dead, of course.

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