To start my day today, I stumbled across a right-wing message board (full of people I’ve never talked to) that had a thread dedicated to the purpose of insulting me, my education, and my politics.

It’s like I never left high school.

This has been a shit month. (A shit year, perhaps, but who’s counting?)

Months and months of work on a show thrown out the window, when 4 of 6 bands and 1 of 2 venues back out, leading to the most stressful event I’ve ever been involved with. It was a great show in the end, but that doesn’t make the hair that fell out grow back, nor does it replace the absolutely retarded amount of money we lost on the show. So much money, in fact, that it’s time to start selling things.

After the financial disaster that was The Bride of Dark Carnival, unless FLA offer us a significantly more favourable contract with their make-up date, I don’t expect we’ll be able bring them to town.

I’m fed up with everything, today. There is nothing good in my life that is not also a source of unhappiness, frustration, or stress. Nothing at all. Not my social life, not my family, not Adversary, not my house, not my computer.

I am so deeply unhappy with my life that I hesitate to even speak it aloud, for fear that it might somehow make things worse.

And I expect it will.

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