“…the difference between men and women, the difference between men and women. Lots of people talk about the difference between men and women nowadays. But they forget that men and women are very similar in many ways.

Like, for instance, when they are on fire.

You see, it’s not like when men and women are on fire, the man will run around going ‘Goddamit, I’m missing the game’ and the women is thinking ‘Oh, I wish I was shopping and not on fire’. It just tends to be ‘help, help, I’m on fire’ all round.”

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  1. Ok…that’s bloody hysterical. ;)

    There was some comedian in the 80’s who did this dating routine, and he was talking about how hard it was to make a connection with people on the first date;

    “I’m on fire, put me out!”

    “It’s always about you, isn’t it? Can’t we talk about me for a change?”


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    you might be able to get extra funding for making a permanent stage effect tool .anyways , we’ll talk further tonight

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  4. And now I am reminded why we are friends; we think alike.

    Flashback to a few short years ago:

    “I’m bored. What the hell do we do now?” Paul D
    “Well we could pour kerosene all over a person, light them with Cristo’s zippo and use them to cook popcorn. Then we can eat it while we watch them burn.” Oni
    ***lots of blinking, only two people giggling***

    But to be serious for a moment *I phudging hate being serious*, the following statement sums up ‘modern civilization’s’ views of people quite well. “Men and women are the same if it is an advantage to women and they are different if being different is an advantage to women.” The only differences that exist are those created by either of the sexes out of convienience or complacency.

    hey Jai! When did we stop being humans and diminish ourselves by being men and women?

    – When the many are reduced to one, to what is the one reduced?

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