Vive Montréal:

Montreal councillors are proposing a “pedestrian charter” that calls on the province to ban cellphone use while driving and lower speed limits from 50 to 40 kilometres an hour.

Andre Lavallee, who sits on council’s executive committee, said Wednesday the charter is about reinventing Montreal as a world-class walking city.

“Montreal was essentially designed over the years around the needs of the car,” said Lavallee. “Now we must re-think the city around the needs of the pedestrian.”

2 thoughts on “643

  1. ahhh we cannot use phones while drivving over here …

    nor smoke it would appear

    or eat an apple anything that distracts you

  2. The phone thing is a good idea. The speed limit is a bad idea. First, if Montral was designed with cars in mind, were the people doing the “design” work blind? Seriously the downtown and the mass of highways are regarded by city planners for what NOT to do. It is terrible. Anyway, I agree that people shouldn’t be able to use cell phones while driving.

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