Rage Aganst The Jerks

Some fifteen year old white kid in FUBU gear at the mall today was talking about how he didn’t like Rage Against The Machine, because they were sell-outs.

It almost made me HULK OUT but being with a co-worker, I had to keep my Bruce Banner on.

Tom Morello’s daddy was a revolutionary, a Mau Mau guerilla who eventually became Kenya’s ambassador to the UN. His mother founded Parents For Rock And Rap, and his great uncle was Kenya’s first elected president.

What of our millionaire friend Zacarías Manuel de la Rocha? He’s in Mexico right now, fighting with the Zapatistas.

You can hate their music, their politics, or their actions, but they were the real thing.

Seriously, fuck that kid.

14 thoughts on “Rage Aganst The Jerks

  1. Funny that the little ignoramus talked about selling out while wearing FUBU.

    Kids don’t know the first thing about music anyway, but they’re sure as hell great to point and laugh at.

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