this is kinda fun

jairus is like a normal key-ring, but it swears.

So says the Prior-Art-O-Matic.

dj leslie is a bubble-car that can be controlled remotely! It fits in your pocket.

antigen shift is a breakfast cereal that improves upper-body muscle, automatically updates your weblog when used and connects to the Internet.

dephenestrata is a bedside table that’s water-resistant and has velcro pads on the side.

xorcist is a hair gel that removes stubborn stains! It quacks like a duck.
(I love ducks.)

16 thoughts on “this is kinda fun

  1. suzanne is a handheld energy drink that’s covered with realistic fur! It is twenty feet tall and is ideal for the kitchen.


    violetnun is a computer monitor that can extinguish fires, doubles as a telephone and can be programmed to perform simple tasks.

  2. *squeee*!!

    bubble car! :)

    for my not-so-interesting non-DJ name:

    -leslie is a window pane that communicates via Instant Messenger!

    and because i’m retardedly juvenile:
    -my penis is like a normal fridge magnet, but it disinfects work surfaces.
    -your genitalia is a WAP device that can move faster than the speed of light! It automatically avoids obstacles.
    -Jairus’ nose is like a normal cricket bat, but it folds out into a tent
    -Suzanne’s car is a small plastic pyramid! It works at twice the normal speed!
    -Adam Boucher is a pot plant that dehumidifies the air and contains a tinier version of itself.
    -my polyp is a greetings card that tastes delicious!
    -kenza’s ass is a saucepan! It makes hilariously rude noises!

    -Yanno McManno is a hole-punch that smells a bit funny! It is built and maintained by tiny nano-robots.

    for :
    -Bobbileen is an electronic implant that’s two inches tall, has been featured in Star Trek and stretches to twice its original size.

    and lastly for :
    -Pack-mulnar is like a normal blow-up doll, but it pushes things down staircases.

    that last one was eerily accurate…

  3. and…

    -Shane the mopey goth boi is a robotic dog that’s different every time you use it! It vibrates and pushes things down staircases.
    -fivewaysfromsunday is a jetpack that’s also available in white! It plays the theme from Steptoe and Son.
    -Iszoloscope is a toilet seat that kills ants! It is monogrammed (up to three letters) and can be bolted onto a trouser press.


  4. stacy is an alcoholic drink that secretes a sticky glue! It keeps your breath fresh for up to twenty-four hours and is perfectly safe to use.


  5. the evil karlor is a personal organiser that has a million household uses! It looks like a fish and can be controlled by willpower alone.

  6. elsydeon is a sheet of paper that fetches help in the event of an emergency, holds up to twenty cigarettes and comes in seven different colours.

  7. Karla is a glass bead that lasts for up to a week! It makes virtually no noise whatsoever and squirts clouds of black ink.

    Seng-Aun Tan is a featureless cube that can speak twelve languages! It is transparent.

    Bebe Belvin is a hat that doesn’t distract you from your work! It may have harmful side effects and glows in the dark.

  8. Shawn Hayward is like a normal Christmas tree, but it looks like a fish.

    Eric Crepin is like a normal pair of trousers, but it pushes things down staircases.

    Absolute Zero is a pogo stick that rotates at high speed, keeps children amused and records everything you say.

  9. innoxia is a robotic dog that kills fleas! It mimics its user.


    christina is a riot shield that asks trivia questions, sounds better than it looks and glows at night.

    i prefer #2!

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