7 thoughts on “634

  1. Ahhhhhhh….little stevie tried to boss around a bunch of others, and they wouldn’t play with him. Too bad for little stevie…just because he was popular doesn’t mean he can tell everyone what to do.


  2. Klien is only posturing, he simply can’t back out, like he also couldn’t force american style health care.
    The sound and the fury.

  3. Well it’s impossible to ‘back out’, given that the equalization payments come from the Federal Treasury, and not his bank account. The only thing he could do is withhold Alberta’s tax revenue. That would not go over well.

  4. I can’t believe the whole press corp thing! Like WTF??? As if he can just do that with such an air of impunity.

  5. It’s nice to read a bit of good news…now, we just have to hope Harper and Klein don’t somehow manage to goof that good news story up, too.


  6. Alberta as a whole doesn’t go over well with Canada these days.
    I would like to send you the log you requested yesterday, please say hello on IM for a mins.

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