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  1. Sadly this is the truth Gairus. People have this opinion…..and the truth is that in Germany you would be hard pressed to find such ignorance…It was people like Darwin, and the start of these secret societies in the early 19 hundreds that created all of this fiction about the master race, and proceded to abolish Jesus Christ, and whipe out anything that you stop their pathway to world domination.

    I blame them….I really do. The modern people of Germany are the most unbiased cosmopolitan open people of the world. I mean, you can’t whipe out the past,,,It is the horrid truth of fascism..and that yes most of the people followed…..If it was not for americans (I am including Canadians here) comming to aid at the last minute,,,the world might be a different place than it is right now though.

    God bless the fallen than fell to save us all from this evil.

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