Kill the Seals

Canada’s annual seal hunt pales in comparison to the slaughter of innocent Iraqis at the hands of the U.S., according to a Liberal senator who defended the hunt to an American family.

The McLellan family of Minnesota sent a letter to all Canadian senators, describing the seal hunt as horrible and inhumane.

Anne McLellan told CTV Newsnet in an interview Friday that her family was, in fact, so appalled by the seal hunt that they cancelled plans to vacation in Canada, despite the fact they love the country and have Canadian ancestry.

“We had thought that they had quit (hunting seals) for many years,” said McLellan. “So we thought, well then, we’re going to not give Canada our tourist dollars.”

Senator Celine Hervieux-Payette penned a terse response to the McLellans, suggesting they should be more concerned about their own government’s treatment of Iraqis.

She didn’t limit her comments to the war, however, pointing out that the true crimes being committed in the world are “the daily massacre of innocent people in Iraq, the execution of prisoners — mainly blacks — in American prisons, the massive sale of handguns to Americans, the destabilization of the entire world by the American government’s aggressive foreign policy, etc.”

Hervieux-Payette told Montreal’s La Presse that Americans should worry about their own country’s behaviour before pointing fingers at other nations.

She sent a copy of her blunt response to other senators, and told La Presse: “all senators received the letter from the McLellans and I was the only one to respond.”

Opposition Leader Bill Graham issued a statement on Friday saying those words “reflect her personal opinions and not those of the Liberal Party of Canada.”

Graham added the Liberals value the friendship and commitment to democratic principles that Canada shares with the U.S.

There is no suggestion that Hervieux-Payette’s comments might bring disciplinary action from her caucus.

McLellan, meanwhile, says her family isn’t about to get involved in the politics behind the debate.

“Our focus is on the inhumane treatment of seals. That’s what our main focus is, so we didn’t want to make it political at all,” she told Newsnet.

Sir Paul McCartney’s recent high-profile protest of the seal hunt brought international media attention to the issue. McCartney and his wife, Heather Mills McCartney, led an entourage of media and animal rights activists onto a Newfoundland ice floe earlier this month, where they posed with harp seal pups.

That led to a debate on CNN’s Larry King Live between Newfoundland Premier Danny Williams and the McCartneys. Williams later said the couple was badly misinformed about the hunt.

In her letter, Hervieux-Payette told the McLellans the centuries-old seal hunt is an important part of the economy for eastern workers and native hunters who rely on the proceeds from the harvest.

“This activity allows the livelihoods of our people in a region where they have been living for centuries,” she wrote.

The Liberal caucus has not issued an official response to the senator’s letter.

Former MP Carolyn Parrish was kicked out of caucus by former prime minister Paul Martin for her comments against U.S. President George Bush. Parrish also stomped on a doll of the U.S. president.

Hervieux-Payette was appointed to the senate in 1995 by former prime minister Jean Chretien.

In 2004 she introduced a private member’s bill to outlaw spanking of children.

18 thoughts on “Kill the Seals

  1. Why is it so hard for people to understand that the seal herd HAS to be culled, because its totally out of control. There’s FIVE MILLION OF THEM, and they no longer have any natural predators! Yarg! I mean, I’m sorry that baby seals are cute, but straight up, if they tasted good too nobody would give a shit. Hello, lamb! Mmmmm, adorable, especially with a side of mint jelly.

    It’s cute and all when humans get sentimental, but very rarely is it fitting.

  2. I find it to be barbaric and ignorant, like most people who support it.
    It doesnt matter how many of them there are NOW (not that their number actually affect any of US)…its more a question of how many of them will be left, when humans decide the fate for other living beings on the planet, nut then again that’s human nature to destroy everything we can as quick as we can for whatever bullshit concocted reasoning we can come up with to justify our actions.

  3. Yet another ingnorant PETA supporter trying to be a rebel without a real cause…

    So, you say the number of seals, if left unchecked won’t effect you eh? K, what about the Inuit peoples who live off of practically nothing but fish, seal meat, and hunting? You’re going to tell me that they can’t support themselves because you feel that your precious animal saving sentementalities will be hurt? Not everyone can afford to live off of Tofu and lentils. Cold-climate cultures like the Inuit NEED meat and fat if they’re to survive.

    Then, there’s the fisheries issue, if left unchecked, the seals can eat themselves into extincion by eating every fish in their habitat. Then what? They die anyway because of no food source. Then, there are no Seals and no fish. You think the seal has the same sort of mentality when it comes to conservation?

    Humans are omnivorous, it’s that simple, if you can’t get protein in vegetable form, you have no choice but to eat animals or die.

    You should quit worrying about what seal hunts do to the world and start worrying about shit like pollution and global warming… That stuff will kill off a hell of alot more seals in the long run than the yearly hunt.

    Meanwhile, I’m off to eat a nice juicy burger topped wiht bacon and cheese!

  4. Try not to shit up my LJ by insulting my friends, would you? If you want to debate or discuss, debate. Discuss. Otherwise, don’t reply.

  5. it’s posts like that, that are a clear example of why intelligent conversation on “teh intharw3b” are impossible…..

  6. I would like to appoligize both Jairus and Hellraver for coming off as insulting… I’m just a little vexed with the whole PETA issue, but again, that doesn’t excuse my condescending tone, and the rebel comment. Hopefully, this won’t result in any lingering anger.

    I would, however, really like to hear from you guys about the whole Inuit situation mentioned in my comment. They do need to eat and live, after all.

  7. That culling excuse again? Yeah, without human intervention nature would NEVER rebalance.

    Fools, anyone who supports the hunt with the cull excuse is a fool.

  8. think about what ur saying! do you have no reasonable thoughts?? how can any human even support the seal hunt. Do you even know what they do! the smash their heads with a club and then skin them and half the time they are being skinned alive. I think you should reasearch things before you say something so stupid and give the human race a bad name. How can you say that and even show your face you should be ashamed of yourself. Your a very selfish person

  9. Think about what “UR” writing. I wasn’t talking about the damned seals you moron. Fuck the stupid seals, they’re overpopulated anyways. I was talking about the humans, mainly the Americans. Ignorant fools all of them though, especially you. So quick to jump the gun with your accusations and slander. What kind of useless crusader for animal rights are you? All you do is throw in your uneducated opinion without even questioning why people are saying things.

    My friend, it’s people like YOU who give the human race a bad name. It’s people like YOU who prove my point so completely and utterly. It’s people like YOU who make me loathe being a part of this species. You make me sick you ignorant fuckass. Go take your stupid plight somewhere else before you make me start killing people.

    YOU’RE a very stupid person.

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