It is with great regret and a heavy heart that I bring you this news.

Phucky, my computer of twelve years, has finally left us. The magic smoke has been released, and the smell of flaming motherboard still fills the room.

In happier times, Phucky was a survivor. A warrior. A veteran.

A hero.

I wish you well, dear friend, in your next life. May you have the fortune to come back as an AMD.

1994 - 2006

18 thoughts on “588

  1. 12 years?

    The only way I can figure you’re still running a 12 year old computer is that 1994 is roughly right after the Pentium was available for retail, and you’re running some sort of Linux sans X Windows?

  2. He’s been upgraded once or twice along the way.

    (Think about it like George Washington’s Axe: The handle’s been replaced four times and the head five times.)

  3. Holy old man. How many power supplies went through that bitch? Better take a picture for the memories. Things like those demand a space on your wall and designated as “art”. :}

  4. What did you manage to use it for in the end? Some weak sort of server running unix no doubt. That’s all it would be good for i recon.

  5. Only the “Jai” Can prolong a Virtual life for so long,

    may it Rest in pieces, and may your Net lives be Continuious


  6. Hahah, i had one like that too, he was called D.A.R.Y.L.
    I gave it to a friend in need a while back, he still has it (even tho he has a newer comp).
    The computer is in the “Workshop room” of his place…
    It serves mainly as a way of consulting car repair manuals and software (think Mitchell, etc)

    A pentium 2 266mhz.
    Was purchased in mid 97… not quite as old as yours tho :P

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