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  1. Awesome pix…And sad, but happy that another tool of war has become obsolete. It’s a beautiful plane which inspired hundreds of thousands of hours of Big Robot Anime.


  2. Beautiful bird…..funy thing though, if it wasn’t for canadian engeneering it would be a different jet.

    The replacement F/A 18E/F

  3. The Super Hornet is a very nice piece of work, but it’s sad to see the last pure fighter pass into obsolescence, even if it is over thirty five years old.

  4. I shed a tear…such a beautifull expensive plane (45 mil per F-14)

    The fact is that the european planes like the Euro fighter and Saab planes can fly circles around the F-14 and F-15 aircraft.

    This is the replacement

  5. Isn’t the JSF replacing the Harriers and the F-16 / F/A-18? Either way, it’s fucking incredible. The most amazing design since the SR-71, I think.

  6. Well,,,The interesting thing about this plane is that it can atchieve supersonic flight wih out afterburner support. It can reach Mach 1.8. In a lets say “stealthy fashon”

    Europe says…why be stealthy if you can’t hit us? he euro fighter is not stealthy, but it travels at sich high speeds and is so manoverable that nothing can hit it anyway…so why bother with the stealthyness…

  7. “Every gun that is made, every warship that is launched, every rocket that is fired signifies in the final sense a theft from those who hunger and are not fed, those that are cold and not clothed.”

    — President Dwight Eisenhower

    But dammit if jets like that aren’t the epitome of cool hardware it’s just too bad what they’re used for… I went out to watch them land a CF-18 on the “postage stamp sized” runway at the Rockcliffe airport. It was being retired to the Aviation Museum. They’d strung two sets of arrestor cables across the runway (one set at either end) in case the landing went long… not needed. It stopped on a dime and gave nine cents change!

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