7 thoughts on “The Zeno Effect

  1. Soon enough we’ll have bands playing on unplugged keyboards and sound will still come out of the sound system.. hmmm .wait .. doesn’t that already happen ?! DICE!

  2. …and now I laugh at the jerk who told me my interest in quantum physics was “Silly because it (quantum physics) isn’t real, it’s just a bunch of made up stuff that no one can do anything with.”

  3. Heh….

    That is so far beyond my meagre comprehension I won’t even feel the brain pain the idea incites for several thousand evolutionary steps.

  4. I read the original article in Nature. The R(pi/2) function is applied before the Grover algorithm, which puzzles me, since you need an external computer to do that calculation.

    Moreover, they use five detectors. For a given qubit, they should only need four if they didn’t use the goddamn R(pi/2) function before the Grover algorithm.

    So while the whole “we can do counterfactual quantum calculations without turning on the computer” is nice, but still requires a computer to be on.

  5. Shoot… I left the PDF at work. I think it was a sorting algo. They were using a qubit two bit system and Grover’s took out the “wrong” two, and then it got another R(pi/2) which would presumably eliminate one of the two of the remaining two.

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