7 thoughts on “Ursa Major

  1. A true ray of positivity amid whole boatloads of crap all over the world. The most magical thing about every single report I read and heard is politicians, regular people, activists, First Nations, and lumber companies all standing up and stating that it was a “good deal”. How often does that happen??? It’s something that all humans can be proud of and point to when people argue that compromise can’t work so that the most people and interests get the best possible outcome.

    Every time I hear Reptiloids, I still can’t help but think of Evil reptilian kitten-eater from another planet… which I consider to be one of the greatest moments in Canadian politics since the Rhino Party.

  2. elllooo mister. i’ll be going to coma 3 with christo and i really look forward to finally hearing you spin! i would love to grab coffee and catch up, while you’re here, if you have time. let me know if you’re up to it. :)

  3. If you want to grab a coffee and try to work things out, I’m always willing; but you need to know what happened is no more okay to me today than it was four years ago.

    If you understand that, and you’re willing to give it an honest discussion, then I’ll be there.

  4. i feel the same way, Jai.
    i think that no matter what comes from this, it will be nice to finally sit down and lay everything out on the table. i think we have different versions of “what happened” and a lot of it is based on what other people had said.
    i’m sure we can both handle a candid exchange, after all these years, and i believe it’s worth a shot.

  5. That’s so awesome. Canada is and has always been a great example for other nations to learn from.

    I had a dream two nights ago with a Reptoid… creepy things, they are.

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