All I want to do today is sit at home and listen to Cocteau Twins

As we prepare to sign our country over to the control of the Reptiloids for the next few years, I would like to take a moment to highlight a fine Canadian institution, and their coverage of this, the last free election before we are all sold to the Grays for breeding.

During the last minority government, Macleans ran the finest cover to ever grace a Canadian political magazine:

In addition to the fantastic headline, the art director at Macleans performed an impossible task; in the hearts and minds of many, Jack Layton was no longer a used car salesman. The image was too reminicent of something, someone else, someone someone more sinister…

But who?


7 thoughts on “All I want to do today is sit at home and listen to Cocteau Twins

  1. I will now further prove that I’m a philistine by saying that the first picture somehow reminded me of Alex Trebek.

    He is Canadian by birth, yes? Could he be elected? C’mon, we’ve had Reagan and Sonny Bono and Schwarzenegger and Gopher from “The Love Boat” all make it into high office. (Okay, not the best role models.)

  2. so close to the truth…
    it would be more accurate if it was the picture of me stabineating (yes the e is intentional) the banana.
    What? I want it as an odd wallpaper for work!

    “Who is this man and
    why isn’t he running
    this Country? :o”

    Do it and I’ll let you touch my remote control.

  3. LOL! You need to send both to the NDP headquarters… at least whoever reads the email will get a good chuckle, but it’ll likely end up on a bulletin board somewhere in that building ;).

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