Substance 2006

Inspired by a pretty girl I know, I think I will post some actual content, although in a different vein:

– I’m working for people that I like, in an industry that I really enjoy, doing work that I love. And it’s not illegal, this time. As a particularly enjoyable side-effect of this, I make enough money to pay all the bills, and put money towards paying off both my and Leslie’s debts.
– I’ve written a lot of music, and a lot of it is music that I would happily listen to, if it was written by someone else. This is no guarantee that it’s good by any objective measure, but it’s what I want it to be.
– Without hyperbole, the leg injury I had several years ago has left a wake of devastation that reaches to all areas of my life. I am just now coming to terms with how far-reaching and varied the effects of it are.
– I desperately need a good laptop.
– I may also desperately need a good drink.
– I’ve watched my closest friends and dearest family prove in thought and in deed that they simply do not care about the things they claim to; not in any way that produces any measurable or meaningful effect on their actions.
– I’ve made the decision to not compromise my standards for family and friends. I will hold them to the same standards that I would expect and hope my family and friends hold me to, regardless of how difficult or painful that is.
– As with every year that passes, I’ve learned that the more I learn, the more I know that I know nothing.

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  1. I’m sorry about the injury.

    Anecdotal evidence suggests to me that people have far more sympathy/understanding for someone fighting a chronic disease (unless it’s something they “brought on themselves,” like HIV/AIDS) than for someone who is bedeviled by an old accident or injury. I wonder why that is? I suppose we assume the bones heal, the muscles mend, and everyone should be just fine. When of course as both you and Leslie sadly know, there are longterm effects of those kinds of injuries.

  2. It’s funny, my new gf makes me feel more mature now, I’m still the same person but more growen up in alot of ways, I’ll have to explain to you more in person tho.

    I’d like to hear some of the stuff you have written for sure.

  3. Yes…the more we learn, the more we are humbled, the more pathways we are able to perceiveprecieve, and realize that we do not understand. This depresses me much of the time. It makes me realize how insignificant I am.

    Sorry to hear about your leg,,,I’ve had a bad leg injury myself,,,you probably would’nt be able to tell when I dance, but for some reason I was able to recover. They said that I had severed my ACL,,,

  4. It used to depress me, but I think I find inspiration in it, now. It means that there’s still as much possibility and potential for my life, and the world around me, as there was when I was much younger, and there always will be.

  5. Then I will leave the Khanvent on Tuesday night and trek out to the place where you AND a bar will be! (I’m assuming, of course, that you’ll be in the vicinity of a staffed and stocked bar on Tuesday night…)

  6. the more I know that I know nothing

    So young to be so wise…

    I’ve written a lot of music

    I have very much enjoyed all of what I have ever heard of your music (and your taste in music, in general).

    they simply do not care about the things they claim to

    So sad. But I know very few people, who I consider to be honest, that could not say the same thing. I suspect that in your case this is probably a little more dramatic than for most ;), but I hope that there are a few in your life or your travels that have not dissapointed you in a like manner.

    Here’s wishing you a bit of luck for the coming year!

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