Farewell, sweet Christiania.

Since 1971, the squatter colony of Christiania has billed itself as a place of peace, love, and happiness, where all property was owned and administered collectively.

A new government plan, however, proposes to build as many as 400 resident-owned properties in the enclave, reported national daily Politiken on Monday. Residents fear that the move will destroy Christiania’s special nature.

For the government, the plan is an effort to integrate Christiania, a green area bordering the city’s former protective canal, into the rest of an increasingly crowded Copenhagen.

After coming to power in 2001, the government has taken an increasingly harder line on Christiania and its estimated 850 residents, closing its open-air hash market, Pusher Street, in 2004, and threatening to bulldoze the colony entirely.

The new construction could add as many as 400 new residents to Christiania’s population.

In addition, current residents of Christiania will be forced to become members of a public housing organisation, and will likely have to begin paying a normal rent on their properties. Currently, adult residents pay DKK 250 per month to live in Christiania. The new rent would be between DKK 2500 and 4600 for a 50 sq. m apartment.

Is there anything that money doesn’t ruin?

This world makes me so very, deeply sad.

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  1. There are very few causes that I would literally drop everything I am doing and take up, if I felt I could make an impact. Christiania’s one of them.

    Humans are so short-sighted.

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