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  1. Perhaps I would also run a second ad, which would be a reading in entirety of Harper’s speech to conservative leaders in the US.

  2. What relationship? We are the crazy commie pinko terrorist lovers to the north…

    We really haven’t had a positive relationship with them in a long time but what punctuated it was Bush’s first response to the attacks when all of America’s prime allies were mentioned… save one.

  3. Another good one would be to let people know about Leo Strauss, and Harper’s connection to Strauss via the Calgary “School” of Economics.

    In a nutshell, the whole Neo-Con movement in the States us based upon the works of Leo Strauss, and a few of Strauss’s disciples left the US to teach in Toronto, and their students moved to Calgary to teach….people like Harper. And one of the Straussians that left the US is a guy named Ferguson (sp?), who is Harper’s and the so-called Conservative parties main policy adviser.

    Now THAT is scary!


  4. That’s awesome…

    The economists at work told me that part of Japan’s problem is that they’ve loaned a lot of money to other countries (not us!) and they are not paying Japan back on time. I mean what do you do? Tell mom that the US isn’t playing nice?

  5. Well, their loan issues were a much bigger deal in the 90s than now, but it’s still a factor. Mostly, though, the population is aging rapidly, unemployment is the highest it’s been since the war, and they’re going through a nightmare trying to privatize the postal system.

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