My head is pounding and my legs are weak, so much so that I do not trust them to carry me much further, and my fingers seek out support when I walk, be it a handrail or cubicle wall.

Something about this environment/headspace drives me to write, but when I look over what it is I’ve written, only trite, uninspired words greet me.

The fire behind my eyes that makes the world double when I am not paying strict attention is casting a harsh edge on my vision, somehow making the florescent lighting even more cruel to the people I see.

I almost typed there the people I mutter ‘hello’ to — but it occurred to me that I didn’t say hello this morning, not to a single person.

In fact, I can’t say that I’ve ever seen anyone in this building before in my entire life.

If I left now, not a soul would notice. No-one here knows my name, my face, or why it is I come here.

No person would notice, but a mark would be left in some computer database in a place far, far away from here, and I would never be welcome within these walls again.

There is something more.

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  1. I have forgotten my cigarettes, and the store was all out of my brand.

    Sounds lind of like the intro to a novel, doesn’t it? Something by Wilde?

    I had forgotten my cigarettes, and the tobacconist was all out of my brand.

    I think I need to leave now.

  2. that’s because you’re both -gay-


    sorry today is poo….home soon?

    net is messed so not much online time for me…i think everyone in the neightbourhood is online….

    can you leave early? miss you…

    i adore i adore

  3. oooo hun…*pet*

    i’m sorry…i am afraid of you making things bad for you at work which we cannot afford, but you also -need- to feel better…


  4. Awww dood, That sucks so much

    *hugs and kisses*

    I love you babe, feel better – sending you healing powers..I am a ninja – I can do this

  5. Hi Jairus!
    Just to let you know, i am bringing Run Ronnie Run cd to zaphod’s tomorrow. If you can make me a dvd-playable copy, you can keep the cd. :)
    later, helene

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