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  1. I was pretty amazed (or just flabbergasted) that someone was surprised that I wasn’t voting Conservative.

    Harper is really really scary. Almost George W. Bush scary.

  2. They are all starting to piss me off. I have no where to put my vote because all five major parties are sucking hardcore.

    Yeah, Chretien sounds good right about now.

    It’s Zena, Shanes girl, stalking his friends page. ;P

  3. Chretien was crooked, but he did know how to keep it from sticking…

    I was hoping to come home to Canada in 2007, but if the Conservatives get in, I might as well stay in the US and get my assfucking firsthand instead of by Prime Minister Stephen “Lapdog” Harper.

    I’m completely pissed with the Liberals pooching the election. But I’ll be much more pissed when the Conservatives have gutted Canada again.

  4. I can’t argue with what Layton wants to do, to be honest. It’s too bad he comes off like a car salesman, he’s got a PhD in political science.

  5. This is why I want to restart the Rhino Party.

    Seriously tho of Joe Clark was still running the real PC party, I’d vote for them in a heartbeat.

  6. He’s already had a kick at the cat though… The real PC party wasn’t so scary… this Conservative party is just alliance and reform is disguise… grrr.

  7. Joe Clark and the old PC party I respect, even though I didn’t agree with a fair amount of their policies.

    I cannot think of a single current Conservative policy I agree with.

  8. Got my overseas ballot via courier today. Voting has never seemed so exciting! But I am freaked about the possibility of a Conservative government. It’s definitely on my list of “worst nightmares come true”. Hopefully my bro will find my STOP HARPER button and put it to good use.

  9. I used to work on Parliament Hill. Haper would ignore us servile types, but Joe Clark was always super polite and very kind. I never met Layton.

    I bumped into Martin once before he was PM. He was lost on the Senate side of the building. If you’ve ever been in there, every hall looks exactly the same, so it’s easy to get lost. Still, the expression of confusion on his face seemed quite fitting.

  10. And when he got caught, he was all; Ok, you win this round. You should see what I got away with, eh? Now! Let’s get some pepper spray on this steak!

  11. EXACTLY. There’s no way the sponsorship ‘scandal’ would’ve ever happened on his watch — he would have laughed and joked it off, without ever taking his boot off the throat of the conservative pary.

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