17 thoughts on “PRS-500 IN THE HIZZY

  1. i really hate all these things…truly.

    why is reading a book so hard? don’t you miss all the ways books can smell? the little notes you make in the margins? squiggles and drawings, the feel of worn, loved paper…i just don’t get spending all the time, money, development when you can spend $8 [$4 used] and it doesn’t matter if it gets wet, the screen can’t crack and you can bend it…



  2. I love the ways books smell.

    However, I also love having the entire O’Reilly bookshelf reference library, Frank Miller’s complete graphic collection, all of Asimov, Hawking and Sagan’s work, The OED, Chicago Manual of Style, Rogets, and every book I haven’t read by Clavell, Jordan, Bradbury and Heinlein all on me at once, anywhere I go.

  3. well it’s like we were talking about in the car…i can see it useful for applications like a researcher needing field notes/references, or someone onsite needing reference and whatnot…but as something to read a book on, marketing it like that just stinks of frivolous consumerism and a complete waste of time/resources; a complete round-a-bout way to get to something quite simple and pleasurable…soon it’ll have backlit individual pages you can can turn back and forth to ‘mimic real page-turning action!’…you know what i mean?

  4. You people are such book sluts. Seriously. Whatever happened to good old-fashioned values? One book at a time? Seems like no one can commit themselves to that one special book even for a day anymore…
    I join the luddite camp.

  5. Heh. Secretly, I want it as the my own personal reference library that I have with me, at all times. Also, it’d be nice to download project gutenberg.

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