Because my journal has been noticably absent of content recently, and also because I have to be at work in two hours and cannot sleep, I give you the GIFT OF GOOGLE VIDEO:

Astrology and Other Dark-Sided Things. I actually felt bad for her for the first twenty seconds or so. Then I felt bad for her family.

Take a look overhead. Hey, man!

Obscured, by Dir en Grey. This just goes to show, however weird some Americans try to be, it ain’t no thing to the Japanese.

I think I know who shot 2Pac.

And the best for last: ROLLING THUNDER SPECIAL!

4 thoughts on “INTERNETS

  1. why does that woman insist on using the maximum vocal power to finish her statements?

    i think she’s frustrated with her human suit.

  2. Some warrior! As soon as the cameras are turned off, she accepts the money?!

    I think they have a word for that… Hyppocrite! I’m positive she got some crazy kickback from the show to act so psychotic. Either that, or they replaced her valium with LSD for the duration of the show.

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