I should be in Toronto for the weekend, if all goes well. I’ll be in town for Resistor, which Leslie is DJing, which also looks to be a good night…

It’ll be odd, though. I haven’t been back to Toronto since I left in the middle of a messy breakup, and I imagine a lot of the city is going to feel like that relationship, like it’s 2000 again and I’m trying to juggle mine and everyone else’s life all at the same time, that everyone is counting on me to make sure everything is okay for them…

Or maybe I think too much.

In any case, Toronto would be good for me. There’s a lot of people I miss, there’s a lot of places I miss. Seeing them would be good for me. A party would be good for me.

I’ll probably be couch-hopping when I’m in town, although I have yet to find many couches for the occasion. All I need to do is get rid of two shifts at work.

Toronto, soon.

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