8 thoughts on “Ad·ver·sary Tour Photo

  1. Really, sorry about the sound system, wish i could have done something…

    However, it seems that when Adam got angry, the soundman found the problem… i really put some doubts on the quality of the soundman :|

    But still, i was more than happy to ear to your crack-enhanced music. I listened to your cd, btw good stuff.
    Im not disapointed :)

  2. No worries about the sound. It was a good show regardless. I had a fantastic time.

    Besides, bad sound just means I have an excuse to come up and play another show.

  3. hehe, cool ;)

    Well, i keep that on file, sir… :P

    But seriously, if/when you feel like coming back to qc, drop me a line.

    I’ll be keeping the breakfeast stuff i got for you guys (ok j/k)


  4. You totally should man…
    Ive purchased a shitload of fresh fruits with that and mapple sirrup…
    now im stuck eating that kind of stuff, y’know, like…Healthy… :/

  5. Hey, glad to see the rest of your tour went well.

    Email me at info_@_dissentlondon.com (minus the underscores) with your mailing address. I found a graphic novel sitting behind the bar on Monday…. ;)

    Cameron MacDonald – DJ Albedo – dissent. London

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